Mango Sweet Pickle

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  • Ingredients: Raw mango, jaggery, spices etc. 
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Purely homemade pickle
  • No artificial colour or flavour
  • Veg product
  • Best use before 24 months from the date of manufacture

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Some hot puris, choley and a spoon of homemade mango sweet pickle- what an ultimate combo to start off a lazy Sunday breakfast! Mango sweet pickle by Prakrity is a well balanced recipe of sour raw mangoes, sweet jaggery and some crackling indian species. It is one one the best sweet pickles cum chutneys you would probably have tasted! The mangos are processed with jaggery and spices to make this pickle. Unlike most of the mango sweet pickles available in markets where the mango pieces are found to be very hard because of the fact that it is processed with jaggery and sugar and the adhesive property of caramelised sugar or jaggery makes things hard. In this mango sweet pickle by Prakrity, you will not find hard pieces. In fact it is filled with moist mango pieces dipped in a sweet and spicy juicy thick layer of jaggery and other ingredients. 


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