Premium Quality homemade Pickles

Pickles are probiotics!

Pair your meal with the best quality homemade pickles, enhance taste and add health benefits too.

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100% Traditional


No Preservatives

No Colours

No Added Colour

Our Special Product

North-East Special

Wanna try world’s hottest chilli pickle? Explore varieties of pickles from NE India’s local fruits and vegetables.

Veg Pickles

A wide range of sweet and savoury homemade pickles, with no artificial colour or flavour.

Non-Veg Pickles

Chicken and fish lovers- there will be no veg meal now onwards!

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Customers Reviews

One of the best homemade pickle’s brands in India. Their taste is really good and has the actual taste of homemade pickles. I have tried the kazi nemu achar and kathal achar. It was awesome!
Sweta Saikia

Combo Offer

Buy from our 3 pickles combos and get discount upto 50%.

I made pork with their raw bambooshoot and I am happy. Even in Delhi I am not missing my home dishes. Thanks Prakrity!
P. Barkakati
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