Bambooshoot with Bhoot Jolokiya Pickle

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  • Net weight: 200g
  • Ingredients: Bamboooshoot, bhoot jolokiya, mustard seeds, mustard oil, salt etc.
  • Taste: Sour, hot, have the aroma of fermented bambooshoot.
  • Purely homemade
  • No artificial colour or flavour
  • Veg product
  • Best use before 24 months from the date of manufacture

Bambooshoot and bhoot jolokiya is an ultimate combination to fall in love with! It is a popular pickle recipe in Northeast India. The sour taste of fermented bambooshoot, with the aroma of it when mixed with hot spicy bhoot jolokiya and prepared as pickle by adding mustard oil and some basic simple homely spices, the taste magic it creates is worth considered as best. Bambooshoot or khorisa and Bhoot jolokiya or king chili are native to Assam and other states of Northeast India. This homemade khorisa bhoot jolokia achar by Prakrity is a popular choice of customers especially those who are native to Assam and NE India and live outside and miss their local food.


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