Raw Turmeric & Coconut Pickle

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  • Net weight: 200g
  • Ingredients: Raw turmeric, coconut, mustard oil, spices, salt, vinegar etc. 
  • Taste: Regular
  • Purely homemade pickle
  • No artificial colour or flavour
  • Veg product
  • Healthy pickle
  • Best use before 24 months from the date of manufacture

Prakrity’s raw turmeric coconut pickle is a special variety of pickle that is made with raw turmeric and fresh coconut. This is an exclusively healthy pickle with a very new and the most original recipe that we have introduced with the purpose to give our Indian traditional pickle recipes a twist. Raw turmeric health benefits are known to all. It is an extremely healthy ingredient that people should consume everyday. But the availability of raw turmeric is not much. Even if someone purchases it , they might not like the raw taste of the fresh turmeric. Many don’t even know how to process it properly to be consumed. So here is the solution- try Prakrity’s raw turmeric coconut pickle today and experience a whole new taste of pickle with the goodness of both turmeric and coconut. The coconut used here is to enhance the taste of the pickle and to balance the rawness of the turmeric. 

Raw turmeric from Northeast India has some special qualities in it. Meghalaya’s Lakadong turmeric is recognised as one of the best turmeric varieties of the world with high curcumin in it. The raw turmeric used in this pickle has also been collected from parts of Northeast India and Assam and is packed with many health benefits. Anyone who wants to taste something very new, tasty and healthy should definitely try this homemade turmeric pickle.

Health benefits of raw turmeric:

Why should you eat raw turmeric everyday? The reasons are many. Raw turmeric is good for your heart health. It can boost immunity, helps improve digestion, controls blood sugar and pressure. It has antiseptic properties, hence can be useful in healing wounds. It is good for your blood. Regular consumption or application of raw turmeric over skin can make your skin glow giving relief to skin diseases. 


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