About Us

The journey of struggle and hope

Prakrity Food Products is a homegrown small business of homemade pickles and snacks based in Assam, India. Started by Mrs. D. Bhattacharyya after her husband’s death, just to earn a living, this business is now being recognised by many.
Prakrity is into pickle manufacturing  for 15+ years and thus carrying forward the legacy of 3 generations as of now. Pure Indian homemade pickles along with some very traditional and local pickles of indegeneous fruits and vegetables from Assam and NE India are in our list. 

Add some taste boosters to your daily meal! Try out Prakrity’s pickles and get set tingled!

Where We Stands

Varieties of Pickles
25 +
Years of Experience
12 +
Bottles Sold
89996 +
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