Mango Pickle

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  • Net weight: 200g
  • Ingredients: Unripe mango, chili, spices, mustard oil, salt, turmeric powder etc. 
  • Taste: Sour
  • Purely homemade pickle
  • No artificial colour or flavour
  • Veg product
  • Best use before 24 months from the date of manufacture

There might be none in India who doesn’t love mango pickle. The first pickle that comes to mind when told about Indian traditional pickles is mango pickle. With the homely touch of our grandmother, mother and the legacy of preserving love through pickles starts with mango pickle! The season’s first mangos in its tender form are collected, sun dried, coated with masalas and preserved in mustard oil. Here in Prakrity too we follow the most traditional recipe of mango pickle, preserved with care and packed with love! The mangos used in this pickle are collected from the local gardens and the local markets of Assam. Juicy, fresh tender mangoes from the local bazaars, home grinded spices and pure mustard oil have made every spoon of Prakrity’s homemade mango pickle a perfectly balanced dish in terms of taste, flavor and hygiene. Try this local product of India, the homemade mango pickle from Assam with your favourite khichdi, paratha or simple daal chawal. You will love it for sure!

Health benefits of raw mango:

Raw mango is rich in Vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. This helps in releasing toxins from the body, detoxifies the liver and is also good for several stomach disorders. 


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