Indian Olive (Jolphai) Pickle

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  • Net weight: 200g
  • Ingredients: Indian olive/Jolpai, mustard seed, ajwain, mustard oil, salt, turmeric powder etc. 
  • Taste: Sour
  • Purely homemade
  • No artificial colour or flavour
  • Veg product
  • Best use before 24 months from the date of manufacture

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Indian Olive/Assam Olive/Jolphai/Jolpai/Jolfai is a local fruit with a big seed inside and the tangy fruit’s flesh around it. This olive however is different from the olive that is used for making oil and  is popularly used for making pickles and chutneys. Prakrity’s olive pickle is a must try for the ones who love tangy, sour pickles. It is made in a very traditional and homely manner with less spice and no added colour or flavour. Being the manufacturer and a food lover we understand that the real taste of an indigenous local fruit should not be destroyed by putting lots of spices and oil in it. The proper balance is very important in giving the pickle a real good taste. And you will find this in every bite of Prakrity’s homemade pickles from Assam. 

Health benefits of Indian olive: 

When you get a fever and don’t want to eat anything, a chutney with raw Indian olives, chilies, salt and sugar with rice and daal can bring your taste back. A homemade Jolpai pickle can act the same. Olive has antioxidant property and can be used to treat diarrhea and dysentery. 


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