Hot & Healthy Combo

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  • Pickles: Bambooshoot Pickle, Bhoot Jolokiya pickle & Garlic Pickle
  • Purely homemade pickle
  • No artificial colour or flavour
  • Veg product
  • Best use before 24 months from the date of manufacture

Bambooshoot pickle is one of the most favourite pickles of Assam and NE India. Here in ‘Prakrity’ we ferment the raw bambooshoot in a scientific way. Then the pickle is made with mustard oil and other ingredients by following a traditional process. The blending of the sour bamboo shoot with chilies and other ingredients makes the pickle awesome! This is especially consumed with rice. Bambooshoot pickle with Bhoot Jolokiya/ King chili is very popular in the Northeast.  A lesser known fact is that bambooshoot can be resemble with wine! It gets better when it gets older, just like wine. 

Health benefits of Bambooshoot:
Improves appetite, helps digestion, prevents constipation, ideal for low carbs diet

King chilli, also known as Bhoot Jolokiya, Ghost pepper, Raja Mircha or Noga Jolokiya, was the hottest chili in the world as certified in 2007, Guinness World Records and Nagaland, a state of Northeast of India has got the GI tag for Bhoot Jolokiya  Being one of the hottest chillies in the world, it is obvious that King Chili pickle too have that super hot taste and the beautiful aroma of the chili. Prakrity’s homemade Bhoot Jolokiya Asaar is one of their best selling products and the spice lovers all over India love to consume it. Ghost pepper actually comes in different sizes and shapes. So, depending on the sizes or varieties,  there remain little differences in the taste or level of hotness. The big sized King chili has the hottest taste and flavor and here in Prakrity, we manufacture pickle with that big Bhut jolokiya only. Also, in the pickle bottle you will find whole King Chilies. So, unlike some other brand’s pickles available in the market,where the pickle generally comes as a paste, there is no doubt of mixing any ordinary chilies along with King Chili. So, what you are waiting for! If you are a spice lover and adventurous enough to try one of the hottest chilies in the world, try this homemade Bhoot Jolokiya pickle from Assam. You will forget about any other chili pickle after this!

Health benefits of Bhoot Jolokia:
Improves digestion, prevents gastric problems, opens clogged nasals, keeps the body warm, improves blood circulation.

Homemade garlic pickle is in the favorite pickle’s list for many. Whether with rice or roti, garlic pickle matches with any dish on the plate. The flavor of garlic is strong, unique and goes well with so many ingredients. That is probably the reason why garlic pickle is loved by almost everyone. Garlic is common in almost all the cuisines of the world. Whether its garlic bread, garlic butter prawn, roasted garlic in chicken, garlic in soup or the classic Indian garlic pickle- the circulation of garlic in all the kitchens of the world is vital. Indian pickles with their traditional recipes are magic on the plate and an amazing match with almost all Indian classic dishes. This garlic pickle by Prakrity is one of the tastiest pickles from the bucket and you will realise this with every bite of it. 

Health benefits of garlic:
Garlic is a wonder ingredient, full of amazing health benefits. Garlic is highly nutritious- contains manganese, vitamin, selenium, fibre and more. It is helpful in reducing cold, flu, cough and fever. When having a cough and cold, body massage with garlic heated in mustard oil can heal your sickness. Garlic is also very effective in reducing blood pressure and patients with high blood pressure are prescribed to have raw garlic cloves empty stomach every morning with water.


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